British-born photographer and writer based in Tokyo since 2008.

I graduated with a master's degree in photojournalism and documentary photography from the University of the Arts London in 2012 but my passion for photography started during college in 1997 when I was studying graphic design. I was handed a Nikon FM2 and a roll of Ilford FP4 to go out and shoot with for an afternoon and after learning the basics and spending time in the darkroom, was immediately hooked. Photography has since become a tonic that allows me to engage with, learn about and understand the world around me and the people in it a little better.

Over the years I have provided written and visual content for a variety of design agencies, magazines and journals, both in Japan and the UK, including Esquire, Time Out, Tokyo Weekender, The Japan Times and Metropolis. I am always striving to develop my skills and undertake new challenges, so if you like what you see and are interested in hiring or collaborating with me, please feel free to get in touch using the form below or the links above.

英国ロンドン出身、2008年より東京に在住し活動している。ロンドン芸術大学を卒業し、グラフィックデザインの学士号、フォトジャーナリズムとドキュメンタリーフォトグラフィーの修士号を取得している。出版業界の経験が豊富な写真家、ライターであり、Esquire Time Out, Tokyo Weekender, The Japan Times, Metropolis など日本と英国の雑誌やデザインエージェンシーでの経験を持つ。


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